Emergency Assistance

Direct financial assistance is available to clients who need help paying for housing, utilities, medicines and other medical care.

For those in need, the first step is to make an Emergency Application with the Caldwell County Department of Social Services’ (DSS) Emergency Assistance office. This should be done before seeking help at Yokefellow.

To request financial assistance from Yokefellow, clients must come to the Yokefellow office in person; requests are not taken over the phone or by electronic means to ensure client privacy and confidentiality.

At Yokefellow, clients must present their:

  1. original bills
  2. a photo ID
  3. one other form of identification that proves residency
  4. the Referral Form received from DSS

Financial assistance may be available for rent, mortgage payments, electricity, fuel/K1, natural gas and water, as well as medicines and other medical needs.

The Yokefellow headquarters is located at 202 Harper Avenue in Lenoir.  Hours for applying for emergency assistance are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am until noon and 1 pm until 4 pm.

2022 Results

  • 12,554 Households Interviewed for Assistance

  • 332 New Households Applied for Assistance that had never been to Yokefellow

  • $108,182 in Direct Emergency Assistance Provided to 421 Households

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